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This is a blog about agile Web development, usability and AI. At least that is what it's supposed to be.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ville Säävuori, aka Uninen. I'm 39 years old and I live in Finland. I've worked as a tech lead and a consultant in my own company for over fifteen years, but in 2012 I had a bad burnout and now I'm taking it easy.

I love music, Macs, and have a part-time custody of two lovely cats.

I'm passionate about Web publishing, which I have been doing since 1998. Since December 2005, my passion has been Django and Python.

More about me


You can contact me via mail at ville @ this site's domain or @Uninen on Twitter. My Skype handle is Uninen and my nick is — surpise, surprise — Uninen on IRCNet. My detailed hCard is also embedded in this page.

About this blog

Same Con to Hoyci is a blog about Web development. It's about agile methods, modern Web frameworks, programming, Web standards, usability, etc.

All text and code examples on Same Con to Hoyci are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License if not otherwise stated. All images on this site, if not otherwise stated, are © Ville Säävuori, all rights reserved and may not be used (especially hotlinked) without a written permission.

What's with the weird name?

Same Con To Hoyci is an anagram of too many choices. We live in a world with too many choices and it's not a good thing.


This site runs on custom application written in Python 3, using Django. It's hosted at Linode, running on a virtual Ubuntu server with nginx in front of uwsgi. Most of the data is stored in MySQL and Redis. Version control is handled by Git.

This site uses several third party APIs: Flickr API, Last.fm API and Pinboard API.

Although this site is coded in valid HTML5, I think is appropriate to not make noise about it.

Final disclaimer

I'm not very good at English. Learning to write (and speak!) it better is one of my motives to publish this blog. Please feel free to correct my grammar in comments or via mail. I'd really appreciate it!

Ville S.


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